Seehausen, Murnau, Lake Staffelsee
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Stern Sterne Seehausen

Lake Staffelsee and the Alpine foothills have always boasted the best and most beautiful scenery Upper Bavaria has to offer. The sublime backdrop and respect shown to nature in the region has ensured that its charms are still very much in evidence. Interspersed with idyllic meadows and romantic streams, the pastures and forests extend as far as the northern Alpine ranges.

It goes without saying that the best way to explore the area is by bike or during a long hike. The unique panoramas which can be enjoyed from the peak of the Zugspitze or Tegelberg mountains are bound to leave a lasting impression.

Relax to the max

Seehausen am Staffelsee

Stern Sterne Seehausen

Located in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Seehausen is one of the seven communities scattered around Lake Staffelsee. The village history goes back to at least the 7th century, and has left many traces. In addition to the stunning lake, several pretty old farmhouses adorned with elaborate and well-preserved frescos can be admired there.

Lake Staffelsee

Stern Sterne Seehausen

Like many local lakes, Lake Staffelsee was formed in the Würm glacial period, and the marshy water is deemed to have healing powers. One of the warmest bathing lakes in the region, it can reach temperatures of up to 25 °C in summer. The lake’s longest section measures 10 km, so it’s easy to find a cosy spot for a break or take a leisurely and secluded stroll along its banks.

The “Blue Country”

Stern Sterne Seehausen

The communities around Lake Staffelsee are also well-known as the “Blue Country”, named for the Murnau-based group of artists “The Blue Rider” (1911-1914). This area of outstanding natural beauty inspired contemporary artists and sculptors even then. Like the early 20th century artists, visitors to the region continue to be captivated by its charms today.


Stern Sterne Seehausen

Historic architecture lines the streets of Murnau, and the Old Town is considered one of Bavaria’s most attractive boulevards. The picturesque little houses in the lively pedestrian zone are home to numerous galleries and cafés. Visitors can trace the development and admire the works of members of “The Blue Rider” art movement in the town’s two popular museums.

Zugspitze region

Stern Sterne Seehausen

To the south, the “Blue Country” segues smoothly into the Zugspitze region. Hiking, mountain biking and skiing and snowboarding are very popular here, but that’s not all the area has to offer. Everybody gets into the holiday spirit, whether during a visit to the Höllental gorge, a ride up the Zugspitze on the historic cogwheel railway or the swift descent with the Alpine Coaster.


Stern Sterne Seehausen

The most famous castle created by fairytale King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Neuschwanstein has become a visitor magnet. The castle owes its fame not only to the mystery shrouding its architect, but above all to the magnificent views, which visitors from around the world enjoy. Situated on a mountain ledge high above Füssen, the castle’s turrets shimmer against the magnificent Alpine backdrop.


Stern Sterne Seehausen

Art and culture aficionados are sure to get their money’s worth when holidaying by Lake Staffelsee. From the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Plays to the numerous museums showcasing art, history and regional customs, visitors can delight in a host of unique sights and locations. And if that’s not enough, history fans will find a large concentration of monasteries and churches in the so-called “Pfaffenwinkel”, or “Parson’s Corner”.